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  • pauloldman



    Very nice plugin. Love it, however I have some questions that are a little unclear. Hope you can help πŸ™‚

    1. Trying to make a competition quiz for non registered users. This means that everyone will be able to participate, but “registers” at the end via the custom fields tools in the plugin.

    Is it possible to implement these form variables in the mail that is sent to the admin and user?

    2. Is cookies and registering (in other words e-mail check) the only way to prevent people from participating in the quiz frequently?

    3. Is is possible to make lots of quizes, and then auto publish the quiz at a specific date?

    4. I have set the IP lock to 1 minute and user identifcation by coockie, then waited over 1 minute and deleted all cookies. Nevertheless I can’t participate in the quiz again. Why?

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

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  • wwdhgg


    I also have a need to include the custom variables in an email.

    I am using the plugin for an employment quiz but do not want the visitors to create usernames and passwords, just a screening tool.

    I would like to add custom variables to identify the visitors (name, address, etc.) and include that info in the admin email.



    I have experimented with this plugin for a couple days and I cannot see how the CUSTOM FIELDS are used. I can create them and have them displayed in the beginning. The checks to ensure each field is filled out correctly works great (numbers only, email, drop-down, radio) but I cannot figure out how the plugin uses this data???
    It is not in the statistics and it cannot be used in an email.
    So how is the CUSTOM FIELD data used?



    hi, i have similar problem, variable of custom field (name, email, etc.) to email. However luxury plugin, pls can u fix it or take me right variable to show it in notification email. I will donate


    Similar problem here. I would like to use custom fields (name, e-mail) for identifying participants in my quiz, but custom fields are neither visible in Statistics nor Leaderboard. This is critical in my opinion.


    Similar problem for me. It’s a very strange problem !
    Thanks for look this problem

    I have posted this problem before, with only wisecapt responding. I also would pay to get this resolved. I need participants to register [required], then email sent to me with users’ name and email.
    This seems rather basic to me, but I can’t find a way to do it short of using a membership program to require signup, then send user to quiz [sort of works, but very cumbersome]. There isn’t even a variable for email, so I do not think Xeno010 was planning on having this functionality.

    Hope someone can come up with a solution.

    Same here, couldn’t figure how to send custom fields data in email notification. I will make more attempts. But maybe someone would be faster with the solution πŸ˜‰

    Im looking for this as well. I need to be able to get the first and last name of the subscriber who filled out the quiz.

    Needs to allow custom variables.

    Seriously need custom fields to show up in the admin email. Please work on this for update. This quiz program is working great for me and well worth what I paid, but finding this issue really messes up my plans for it. PLEASE add this function.

    Yes plz, I really need to know the emails and names of the users working on the tests. Anyone can give me a Hint of how to enable this function?

    If I don’t get that user information, well this plug in itΕ› half baked to me

    Great plugin, but on this lack of function it can get bitter taste πŸ™
    +1 for this function

    Great plugin. Same as everyone else. Capturing custom fields is a great addition, but really need to be able to leverage them in the admin/user email. Also would be beneficial to enable “new user creation” via a function or another plugin.

    I have the same problem here. Would be nice to get these options.

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