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  • This gets a bit complicated so if you need more information/I made it too confusing let me know and I’ll explain more.

    I’m making a small business website (many of them actually) and I am using custom fields for location data.

    I am using the advanced custom fields plugin which allows me to enter in the custom field once and than reference that custom field data on multiple different pages. All I have to do is put the post field:

    Example: I put the town name “Town #1″ into the custom field on the homepage and than I use the shortcode [acf field=”town_one” post_id=”20″] to display that town name on the about page, services page, etc. so I don’t have to continuously do that.

    I need that same functionality for the title tags of the different pages.

    I understand the taxonomy for pulling in a custom field is %%cf_<field_name>%% but that only pulls custom fields from that specific page/post. Is there a way to reference another page’s custom field?

    Alternatively it’d be great if in the SEO title on the meta box I could just put in a title and short codes, Example:

    Company’s Name | Business they do | [acf field=”town_one” post_id=”20″], [acf field=”town_two” post_id=”20″]

    and it would render:

    Company’s Name | Business they do | Philadelphia, Camden

    Does anyone have a recommendation for how to do this?

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