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    Hello there,

    My colleague made the following website
    Now its my task to remake the same website on a other adress.

    I am using the Novus theme.

    So far I’ve managed to recreate everything but the little slider on the homepage. As you can see.

    I can see its created by using custom fields. However I can’t seem to find the option to turn on the extra fields and edit them. I’ve got the info that needs to be put there but I’m missing the option at the edit page page.

    How can I enable these fields, or how can I recreate this little slider?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Good morning frankokker,

    To enable the display of custom fields in the dashboard when editing a post, click “Screen Options” toward the top-right of the screen. Click the checkbox next to “Custom Fields.”

    The Custom Fields section should now appear below the post content area.

    Instead of re-creating the site, you could move your colleague’s site to the new location, assuming that you have access to his site.

    Thanks, for the info.

    I’ve read that article that you’ve proviced.
    But im not really sure where to start.

    The website im recreating is changing in every aspect I think.
    Changing host. Changing ftp. Changing database. Changing domain

    I understand the different steps I have to take. But not the following one: Download your database.

    Our main site is and we keep our projects in the same domain (and database). Like

    How can I download the database parts that are specificly used for that subsite ( Cause when I download the database I get all the subsites including the main website (

    Hope this makes sense 😉

    It is definitely more work than just moving it from one folder to another on the same server. It’s certainly up to you if you want to go through this process or recreate the site as you’ve been doing – it seems that you’re almost done with that, but I’ll put my notes about the move process here just in case you’re interested.

    1. Make a backup of the old site’s database, just in case.
    2. On the old site, go into the WP dashboard and go to Administration > Settings > General and change the “WordPress address” and “Site address” to the domain of the new site.
    3. Make a backup of the old site’s files and database (which has now been modified with the new site URL)
    4. FTP the files to the new server
    5. Import the database from the old host to the new host (the exact process here differs depending on the host)
    6. Edit the wp-config.php file to point to the new database location
    7. If you still need the old site to work after you’ve done all this, restore the old database to the old server – this will put back the old URL settings, so that the old site will work again.

      Pardon me if I’ve skimmed over anything. Depending on your exact situation, server environment, etc., things might be slightly different, but this is the basic process.

    How you separate out just the database tables you need will depend on how you’re exporting the database.

    If you’re using a tool like phpMyAdmin, you can select just the tables that you want and export those. If you’re using the mysql command line client, you can specify the tables that you want to export (see

    Thanks, that will help me out.

    I’ll mark it as solved. Thanks a lot.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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