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    anyway to get custom field from datafeeds?

    I use feeds where posts get expired at the source after a while, so there no point of keeping them…

    I could use expiration time with another plugin thru custom fields, but not sure if this would be possible, since I didn’t see any option to import custom fields?

    also, what happens to the posts that are not in the datafeed anymore? They go draft, deleted or they are left to be handled manually?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    if you are using the shortcode, then if its not in the RSS feed, it doesn’t show up on the site. If it’s the feed to post, then the posts become blog posts…if the user deletes the blog post (and trashes it), then all the data associated with that post is deleted.

    In the feed to post option, also, if the option to make the imported feed as a draft is selected (in the admin) it comes in as a draft, etc.

    I don’t know if this is what you’re asking, but this is the way the plugin works.

    not really, but I want to use feed to post, therefore I would need that posts that are removed from feed they get removed from posts also…

    The thing is I’m using other feed importers and they are fine, some of them can do custom fields and some of them already have the “auto remove” post when the post from the feed is removed… this can be also achieved with custom fields and expiration plugin, so basically my question is, if it’s possible to add custom field with value from the feed… i can also share my idea how this can be achieved to have it automatically done by your plugin, there are few simple things to do…

    However, yours have more options and features which I could use, but unfortunately missing the really important one which many users is looking for…


    Plugin Author Allen


    oh..I see, well, it sounds like you might want to use one of those other feed importers for now since you are the first person who has asked for this and, while it looks like a good feature, I won’t get to adding this for quite awhile.

    Plugin Author Allen


    Actually, I will be adding a way for users to delete a post (caused by my plugin) after n that what you mean?

    Well yes, this could be a solution, you can check “auto prune post” (which deletes also images that are attached to post) and “auto delete post” for a reference…

    However, if you make it delete posts on X days, then it will re-post them again as they are still in the datafeed, therefore it would need 2 options:

    1. Option “remove post after X days”
    2. “update the removal timer if the post is still in the datafeed” (this would add -X days- to the post removal time after every update of the feed import)

    This way user can select “remove after 1 day and can select “update import every day”, so the post will “stay” published, if the post is still in the updated datafeed, otherwise it would be removed.

    Problem would be solved for many users.



    2nd option is important specially because some of the sites leave unavailable items in the datafeed, but not available anymore… for SEO purposes… so the post would be removed even if it still exists in the updated datafeed after X days.


    Plugin Author Allen


    Here is the way the auto remove will work:

    User can choose an expiration of n number of days. They will also be given the option of what to do with the removed posts..which include:

    1. Delete entirely (when this happens, the post can be imported again).
    2. Put into trash, but don’t delete (when this happens, the post cannot be imported again).
    3. Move to pending status

    Everytime time the cron fires and new feeds are checked and brought in, the auto delete will look to see if n days have passed and will remove posts that have expired and do either 1,2 or 3, depending on what the user has chosen.

    Just so you know, I do not use custom posts, but instead the url of each feed is stored in the meta_post table.

    sound perfect 🙂

    Like said in the topic, having option to add custom fields would also be great, which could also solve this issue in a combination of “content scheduler” plugin.

    Also for example if there is a value “price” in the datafeed it would be great to be able to import it as custom field.


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