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  • Hi!

    Doing a concept page for animal shelter with WordPress.
    So I use categories for type of animals, tags for character & color and custom fields for genre and breed.

    I want the custom fields values to be clickable. Example: On a post of a dog the custom fields with values: genre=male breed=german shepard. When you click on “german shepard” it will take you to a custom page with links to all posts with custom field values “german shepard”. Basically I am looking for a code that will solve this problem.
    Searched the codexx and forum but found just one with a partial solution. And there is also the same request like mine.

    Tnx in advance!

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  • Seems to me that tags would provide the basic functionality that you need.

    Tnx for response but I am already using Tags for Character & Color. So I have to solve other categorizations with custom fields.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
    I’m comfortable using Custom fields. Using them almost in all projects. Until this project there was no need for a bit advanced use of them.

    Let me try to explain it again.
    I’m already using and displaying Custom field with KEY=Breed and VALUE=Some breed on the Post of animal.
    I want to make a custom Page with a query to list all posts with same VALUE. This can be done manually for every Breed but it’s not the most practical and automatic solution because there will be too many page templates (every Breed with it’s own query) to do.
    What I want is this: when someone on Post page click on a VALUE for example of Breed KEY, this VALUE is passed to a Page template with a special query to list all the Posts with same VALUE.

    Technically this was discussed here: but the solution is only for manual inserting the values into Page template.

    Hope that now it’s more clear what I want to achieve.

    Just a polite *bump* 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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