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    Since upgrading to WordPress 4.8.1 custom fields are not updating properly. When I add a new name into the custom field the field updates and the name shows up at the top of the list and has a check mark next to it. However, if I add an existing name, the name no longer updates to the top of the list or show with a checkmark next to it.

    Is this intended behavior now? Many times I find it easier to add a bunch of names even if they were previously entered than to scroll through the list to manually check them off.

    I have disabled all plugins and am using stock theme.


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    I assume you do not speak about Custom Fields but Custom Taxonomies.

    I assume this because Custom Fields will not “appear on the top”, but Taxonomy terms do.

    What should happen is an error.
    And you shoudl be notified about this, just like when you try to add a term with the same slug in the actual Taxonomy Edit Screen:
    A term with the name provided already exists with this parent.

    In the Post Edit Screen this does not happen.

    I will analyse this and eventually inform the WordPress DEV about this.
    Since we just hook into the WordPress UI, we can not do much here in Types itself.

    Just test this:
    1. Head to the native Post type “Posts”
    2. Add a new term to the Categories
    3. Save it (It appears on top of the list with the checkmark)
    4. Add the exact same term again ==> nothing happens.

    Hence, this is not our issue, but I will eventually make sure to push some BUG report to the WordPress DEV, in case we can confirm this is not a “usuability” feature (yeah, WordPress soemtimes is a little confusing, it could be the warning is not displayed in order to not clutter the UI).

    I will update you here in regard.

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    You can follow up here:

    This thread here is now closed as it’s not a Types issue.

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