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    I’m using SEO Framework and entering a Meta Description on product pages. I would like to include that description as a column in a Posts Table Pro table. I contacted PTP support, and they said it’s likely the Meta Description is stored as a custom field that I can use, but I need to know its name. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to find it. Can you help with this?

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    Hi Jeff!

    The custom meta description is stored as _genesis_description.

    In custom code, you can retrieve it via:

    get_post_meta( $post_id, '_genesis_description', true );

    Alternatively, you can use:

    the_seo_framework()->get_custom_field( '_genesis_description' );

    However, for that you must check for the the_seo_framework() function availability first.

    If you wish to implement description generation as fallback support, then you can use:

    the_seo_framework()->get_description( [ 'id' => $post_id ] );

    I hope this covers the lot 🙂 Cheers!

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    Thanks so much! This gives me exactly what I need.


    I was looking for something similar. I need to bulk import posts with their SEO metadata, so I was wondering, is the field for the Meta Title ‘_genesis_title’?

    Or is there any place we can take a look at all the custom fields TSF uses?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi @jacobopolavieja

    These are the meta keys we use:

    And yes, _genesis_title is currently used for custom titles.

    In the future, please open a new topic. This is a very old one, and all the participants got needless email notifications. Thanks!

    Ops! I reused this one precisely because I thought everything would be better organized and more helpful; sorry for that!

    And thanks for the reference of the fields!

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    Hi @jacobopolavieja

    Your train of thought is correct when it comes to anything but these forums 😉

    These forums are chronologically ordered, archaic, polluted, and an overall mess behind the screens (random deindexing, tags aren’t visible, developers can’t manage it, etc.).

    We even get plugin ranking-points in the Jetpack search engine when we resolve more topics, which is lunatic (and why nefarious plugin authors mark topics as resolved when they’re not). In no way it is as organized as we’d all like it to be 😀

    In any case, have a nice weekend!

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