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    Hello, I just installed Custom Field List Widget and I think it is just what I need.

    However. The install went okay but I am unable to save the settings on the Settings page (not the Widget, that works just fine).

    Pressing the “Save changes” button brings up my Not found screen, like wordpress/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=widget_custom_field_list.php

    Any suggestion ?

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    I’m sorry for the delayed response.

    I have started to to look into this matter. But so far I have only found a bug which has most likely nothing to do with the problem you observe.

    My first thought was that the user account which you have used to alter the settings of this plugin may not have the capabilty manage_links which is the current minimum capability necessary to access the settings page.
    But if the user account would not have this capability then you would had problems to access the page at all – and the problem would not only show after clicking on “Save changes”.

    Since this problem seems not be a general problem which happens in every blog (I could not reproduce the situation in my blogs), I think that something is different in your or my blogs.
    Maybe you use a plugin which I don’t use. However in order to fix this problem we need to find out what this circumstance is.

    The Not Found page appears usually if the URL can not be resolved. Maybe it is something which influence or limits the way the URLs get handled/resolved. Maybe a security plugin or a custom rewrite rule in the .htaccess file.

    Does the content of the .htaccess like this or does it contain other entries?

    Could you tell me the names of the plugins you are using?
    (or could you find out whether one of them is responsible?)


    Plugin Author ntm


    You may install the current Development Version (1.2.5 beta 1). You can find the download link among the Other Versions.

    I have changed the capability requirement as it is suggested in the functions reference of add_options_page().

    Hello, no big deal with the delayed response as the Widget functions okay.

    I have just installed the Plugin Development version (1.2.4.).
    For that I needed to change the plugin-directory Perms. from 755 to 777.
    But unfortunately there is no difference with the previous version.

    I do not use a specific Security-plugin on this site (I have one on others) so that is no problem.

    And yes I have lots of plugins. Currently some 40 active ! None of them directly related to Custom-Fields however.
    I have Admin-authority and have not had any problem like this before so it must be something very specific.
    I am not in a position to de-activate them one by one to see if there is any impact on the SAVE so I hope we can find an other way to find out.


    Plugin Author ntm


    1.2.4 is not the Development Version (it is the latest “stable” version).

    The Development Version is at the end of the list of the Other Versions.
    (or you could follow this URL it points always to the latest dev version.)
    Please try this version.

    755 or 644 should always be enough. But thanks for testing this too.

    40 plugins are really a lot of plugins (but the number of plugins should not be the problem either). I think that the plugin in question influences the Permalinks and has less to do with the custom fields. The problem is more related to the options page than to the functions of the plugin. Do you have such plugin or maybe a plugin which reorganises the admin panels?
    Do other plugins have settings pages which you can reach via the same sub page menu as the Custom Field List Widget plugin? Is it correct that saving the settings on those pages does not cause an comparable problem?

    Is your blog a multi site blog? and is the Custom Field List Widget plugin installed in more than one of the sub blogs?

    The current Development Version is now 1.2.5 beta 2

    Okay sorry then about the version number. I did install the Development Version though (but it states 1.2.4. !).

    Am am not aware of any plugin that changes permalinks and also do not reorg the admin panel… That is to say that many plugins are management related and add to the management panel.

    I do however not have such a problem with any of those.

    It is a single site Blog

    Plugin Author ntm


    You are correct. 1.2.4 seems to be the version in this blog. But I can also say for sure that the link to the zip file (see above) is correct and when you click on it you will get the 1.2.5 beta 2.
    Please, download the .zip file and install it afterwards. Maybe use FTP to upload the files.

    Have you moved your blog from a sub folder to another?
    Maybe from /wordpress/ to /wp/?

    You have written that the URL in the address bar of your browser is wordpress/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=widget_custom_field_list.php
    But it should be wp/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=widget_custom_field_list.php
    Because the plugin is in /wp/wp-content/plugins/custom-field-list-widget/readme.txt and /wp/wp-content/plugins/ is the current plugins folder. and if this is your current plugins folder then wp/wp-admin/ should be the folder where all the files for the admin panels are.

    Such folder mix up would explain the Not Found error.

    Ah well i got it from the bottom link in WordPress.
    Now I re-installed and get 1.2.5 beta 2.

    However same.

    the /wordpress/ above is my mistake.
    And yes WP sits in /wp/

    This is the full URL I get …. without the /wp ….

    So yes the /wp is missing. But why ? All works well including the 40 other plugins ??

    When I am at the “Custom Field List Widget – settings” panel the URL shows:

    Put when I save it gets:

    Just to be sure I have just double cheked other “Save settings” but these all use the correct URL prefix hightleveldomain/wp/

    Plugin Author ntm


    What are the values in Settings > General Settings > WordPress address (URL) and Site address (URL)?
    Is the Site address not ? (Why?)

    Plugin Author ntm


    The questions are still interesting. But I probably found the source of the problem.

    A new Development Version will be available soon.

    Plugin Author ntm


    1.2.5 beta 3 is available. It would be great if you could install it.

    Thank you for reporting the problem!


    Custom Field List Widget 1.2.5 beta 3 solved the problem.

    Thanks for the swift fix, and enjoy your weekend !

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