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  • I found that something had created a custom field called enclosure with the following value:

    I have been experimenting with the Podcast-Channels plugin and haven’t seen a custom field for enclosure since I deactivated the Podcasting plugin. iTunes was seeing my episodes before this custom field appeared.

    I copied the value of the enclosure and deleted it. Resynced Feedburner. Then iTunes said “there are no playable episodes”.

    In the past I’d seen enclosure as an option in the add new custom field name drop down, but it wasn’t there. I tried typing ‘enclosure’ in as a custom field name and pasted the above text in for value. Resynced Feedburner. Now itunes sees the episode again.


    1. I’d love to know under what circumstances a custom field for enclosure is created. It doesn’t seem to be consistant.

    2. Can someone also please point me to a spec for this enclosure syntax?

    3. Looking over the enclosure value, I notice text/plain. Before I deactivated it, the Podcasting plugin used to complain that the mp3 file was being reported as text/plain when it should be audio/mpeg. I added ‘AddType audio/mpeg .mp3’ to my httpd.conf and restarted apache but this didn’t resolve the issue. Although I’m no longer using the Podcasting plugin, it appears that this file is still being reported as the wrong file type. How to fix?

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  • 1. I uploaded a audio file (.mp3) and inserted into a post. It created the custom field ‘enclosure’.

    2. Otto has the custom field values:
    as does this:

    3. Can you edit the custom field value and change that to ‘audio/mpeg’

    This difference is that since my audio files are an hour long and are near 100MB I upload them via ftp or scp. Then add markup to the post for wpaudioplayer: [audio: URL]. With this workflow, I never saw an enclosure in custom fields. The Podcasting plugin (which I no longer use) added enclosures, I think, but I’m not sure.

    In an effort to get xml tags right for ‘item’ in conjuction with the Podcast-Channels plugin, I have started importing the mp3s into WP Library by using the Add To Server plugin.

    I did experiment with adding the audio file to an existing post from the library after adding it to the library. Maybe the enclosure was created at that point. But when I removed the enclosure iTunes no longer recognized the episode. I would expect it still to work like it did before (when I linked to the mp3 outside of the library)? Am I stuck with this custom field?

    Could delete that in the wp_postmeta table I suppose.

    Tested: deleted custom field for enclosure added an audio attachment to the post from Media Library. Enclosure custom field was not created. Saved. Still not created. iTunes doesn’t recognize episode has playable content.

    Added enclosure back.

    What confuses me is 1. how this enclosure was created, and 2. why it won’t work without it now where it did before?

    the podcasting plugin probably suppressed the enclosure field – it’s an essential part of how podcasting in general works in WP. you need that custom field which is created when you save a post – WP looks for media URLs that it can access and puts them in an enclosure field for you. it shows what files you are attaching to your post in the rss feed.

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