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  • Hello!

    I’m overhauling my wife’s fashion blog that features daily outfits posts. I’m trying to create a way for readers to easily search/sort/navigate the posts by clothing type and color.

    I have more than 800 posts categorized and tagged according to this diagram.

    An example of what I would like to accomplish is for a user to click a parent category, for example, Outerwear, and now the loop reloads all posts in the Outerwear category. Now the user can choose a child category of Outwear such as Blazers, or choose a color, such as blue. If they choose blue then I would like the loop to show all Outerwear with a Blue tag, but I’m not sure how to query posts with a Blue tag that are only in the Outerwear category and none of the other parent categories.

    The 2nd thing I can’t figure out is that if a user drills down to the Blazer category and then wants to filter further to only see Blue Blazers. Querying the Blue tag would pull up any post with the Blue tag whether or not it is a Blazer.

    I guess my ultimate question is how can I query certain posts from the current loop and not the whole database?

    I think part of my problem is that one outfit post will be assigned to multiple parent and child categories and multiple color tags, which makes it difficult to sort through.

    The plugin Query Multiple Taxonomies is very similar to what I’m looking for but I just couldn’t get it to work well. I also tried Faceted Search with so-so results.

    I’m not sure if it helps but the blog is which is currently on Blogger. I’m moving it to wordpress on a localhost setup before we make the switch live.

    Thanks for any help, replies, and direction!

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