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    i would like to use the event plugin on an existing site, so it should fit within the given design.
    unfortunately, the list view, does not fit my needs.

    I made a page with the shortcode for the list view.
    Now i have my List of events.
    But to fit in my design i need to change some classes and the order of some elements.

    In detail, one element in my list view looks like this in HTML:

    <article […]>
    <div class="espresso-event-header-dv"></div>
    <div class="espresso-event-list-wrapper-dv">
    <div class="event-content">
    <form><input class[…]></form>

    that’s how it is.

    But within the <div class="event-content"> i need the <form> after the <p> tags, and within the form, i want the <input> to have my own class, so that all buttons look the same.
    basically, what i want is to display the Events in a row, three events next to each other.
    On top is the header with the event name, underneath the description/excerpt and at the bottom i want the button to attend to it.
    I already did some changes to some PHP files so that it looks almost like it.
    But i can’t get the button to the bottom and apply my class to it.

    Now my question is,
    how can i achieve this?
    I think i need to change the order of the elements within PHP, but i can’t find the right file.

    Sorry for the maybe confusing explanation, and thanks for your help.

    Problem i need to solve

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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