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  • Our client would like to use links and also custom branding in the email. Is it possible to use links? Is it possible to add extra html? (If I need to modify the plugin files, could you please direct me to where?)

    If I use a simple custom email with this in the text view :

    “Thank you so much for buying a ticket for the Dead Pilots Society Show on June 20, 2020 at 5pm PT/8 pm PT. Your ticket benefits the LA Regional Food Bank.

    To view your show, just log in where you bought a ticket. (A link is below!) See you there!”

    I don’t get the email. Do you know how to do this? We want to brand the email and use links.


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  • Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @chrisrarendt,

    Thanks for using my plugin!

    To answer your questions:

    – Yes, you can use links and add HTML code into the emails.
    – No, this plugin does not modify the appearance or template structure of the emails. Please see this page:

    – I’m not sure why you didn’t receive the WooCommerce email. Have you added your Custom Email Message to the ‘Processing’ Status of a product, and then made a test purchase of that product, to see if you get the WooCommerce email and see your Custom Email Message content in the right location?

    Thank you for that information on the HTML structure of the emails!

    Yes, I have the email set up with processing or completed as you suggested (virtual + downloadable sets to completed not processing).

    I was able to get the email to send without a link (like “hello” works and sends) but not with a link (see the text above as an example that does not send). How do I add the link and get that email text to send?

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    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @chrisrarendt,

    I just added the link to my Custom Email Message:

    Then I did a test purchase, and the link is showing in my Custom Email Message content:

    I would check the HTML code of your link to ensure you don’t have any extra or unnecessary characters — in your original example link, try to exclude everything past the end slash, so it looks like:

    Having extra characters may break the code formatting with how the content is inserted into the emails.

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    Okay thanks I tried doing as you said, removing those extra characters. Initially, there was some sort of preview happening as well. Now, it is just a link. The link works fine! Thanks for checking into this Alex

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