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  • Hi,

    Your docs for custom email templates are confusing and contradictory.

    Some show that custom templates should be stored in theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/email/welcome_email.php

    Others refer to the file needing to be .html

    And this doc ( states that customisations in the admin panel will be saved in the same folder URL above… but they’re not. They’re being saved in a folder at theme-name/ultimate-member/email

    As a result, custom templates (both PHP and html) are not working from theme-name/templates/email/…. but if I upload my templates to theme-name/ultimate-member/email/ they work fine.

    Is this a bug, or incorrect documentation, or both?

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by haydnjames.
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  • It is a bug, an incorrect documentation and since the update to 2.0 a total desaster.

    Im using the plugin with paid modules on several websites. Everything worked fine until somebody from the company had the glorious idea to update.

    The result is almost every update after the 2.0 update forced me to work on more than 20 websites because things did not work anymore.

    One big issue presently is you cannot reset the data of Ultimate Member. All websites are messed up. Emails are sent in a wrong format. Inspite of setting the system to get a welcome message the plugin immediately shows the user page, etc., etc.

    Since this update the problems dont stop. They get more and Im totally mad. A former fine plugin turned into a total mess and the result is Im losing lots of business.

    Thank you Cullum.

    I confirm what was written by Cullum
    A total disaster and I have also paid the whole package
    E-mails are no longer sent from the registration form
    I did not expect this after even paying

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    Hi @haydnjames,

    I’m sorry to hear that our docs confused you, in the latest 2.0.+ version the custom email templates should be added to the theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/email/ as a php files.
    You can also add your custom templates to the Ultimate member -> Settings -> Emails.
    Please make sure to use child theme because ultimate-member folder in the theme directory can be overwritten or deleted upon your theme updates.


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    Hey @ultimatemembersupport

    Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately this still does not seem to work.

    If I add the templates to theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/email/ they do not work. I don’t believe this is a theme clash though, as we have a custom account.php template in theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/ that is working as expected and I cannot get custom emails to work even when switching to one of the default themes.

    The docs state that UM will automatically save any changes in theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/email/ but this isn’t happening either. A folder called email is being created automatically one level down in theme-name/ultimate-member/ and if I put my templates in there, they work fine.

    So are you 100% sure it should be theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/email/ – if so, it doesn’t work 🙁 but theme-name/ultimate-member/email/ does.

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    Can confirm. On my end theme-name/ultimate-member/email/ works where theme-name/ultimate-member/templates/email/ does not.

    Did I understand you are also having issues with emails not being sent? I am trying to figure it out now. Both “Account Welcome Email” (customized template) and “Account Approved Email” (default UM template) are not sending. Registration form is via gravity forms, also using wp SMTP plugin.

    If I delete the user account from admin, the “Account Deleted Email” DOES send. So I’m trying to figure out if this is a configuration issue, a trigger issue, a bug…

    Let me know if you are also having issues with the welcome email firing please.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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