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  • Hi there! Great plugin!

    I use this plugin on a event blog, to allow users (visitors) to add photos to an album. There are many album, so i want that on page “A” uploaded photos goes to “/site/album A/”, on page “B” uploaded photos goes to “/site/album B/”, and so on …

    Is there any way to change the destination folder in the ShortCode?


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  • Hi,

    I’ve been having the same requirement… 🙂
    But after playing around a bit, I noticed that this plugin attaches the files to the page where the form is in, so it works out of the box if you use the WP galleries since v3.5!
    All you have to do is to add a gallery to the page with the form and when you approve your uploads, they are automatically added to the gallery.

    best regards

    Thanks Sascha! Nice!

    The images are all uploaded in the “upload” folder. But how can i sort them?? (by album)

    Exemple: If i want to download all the photos from gellery page 2, i have to download all the images and pick the right ones manually? Or is there any way to get them in different folders? Or add an “ID” in the filename?

    Did you look at the WP codex site for the gallery shortcode?

    You could try something like this:

    The following basic options are supported:
        specify how to sort the display thumbnails. The default is "menu_order". Options: 
        menu_order - you can reorder the images in the Gallery tab of the Add Media pop-up
        title - order by the title of the image in the Media Library
        post_date - sort by date/time
        rand - order randomly
        specify the sort order used to display thumbnails. ASC or DESC. For example, to sort by ID, DESC: 
     [gallery order="DESC" orderby="ID"]

    or you could give RPS Image gallery a try.

    ahh… sorry. I did not really understand your problem. You meant direct dowloading from the uploads folder per gallery, right? That’s a problem… no idea!

    Hi, thanks for your reply!
    I will explain the situation:

    I’m organizing events. After it, people comes on my site to take a look to the photos and i’m allowing them to upload theirs to add them to the gallery.

    For the user, each page links to a gallery. That’s OK. They don’t have to download it.

    For the admin, all the photos are in the same folder (physically on the server) and i cant really differentiate them. So my question was, if i wish to download all the pictures of “gallery 1”, how can i do to identify them?

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    Are these events just posts or custom post types?

    The events are posted on a full page with the entire shortcodes. For each event, a new page is added.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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