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    Further to my concern that the new WordPress Core change to allow easy customizing keeps CSS changes made in Montezuma Appearance from appearing. my site Off Grid Insights was off WordPress when the change went into effect. I would guess that is the reason I don’t have the CSS option on that site.

    What’s interesting, though, is that when I make the background color change for Off Grid, in the Montezuma Appearance area for Content and Layout, they appear on my site.

    I’m not going to see if I can put the space back above the tagline for my Health site… I thought I tried without success, and blamed the Core change, but I can’t be sure so I’m going to go try again.


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  • The ‘customizier’ additional CSS is applied AFTER the Montezuma css (dashboard->Appearances->MTO->CSS Files) so if in the Montezuma CSS you said
    body {background-color: blue;}
    and in the ‘customizer’ you put
    body {background-color: red;}
    The red will win because it is applied last.

    so don’t use the customizer.

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