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    Customify is a great system, but it still has some limits, and I’d like to complement those with custom CSS. I Know basic CSS, but to need to know the class names etc you’re using.

    —what are the Class names or #ID names for custom CSS for:
    Widget Title

    — And for styling within widget areas: text, heading + link colors. (If background is a different color here, than of course the text and link colors here need be different than in the main content area, else they may be unreadable

    — And for the actual writing area of inner content area. For example, if you go to styling > Background : content area background, and select a color, it won’t just color the content area, it’ll color the entire width of the page even out past the sidebars! I’d like to color and style and border and ONLY the actual text writing area of that page. Then for example if content block is blue, and sidebars are red, you could still see a quarter inch or so of white space(or page background) between them. This makes a nice visual separation. And I’d like to put a border around that inner content area, and not have that border touch the sidebars or their widgets.

    Is there a list somewhere of all these Class names or #ID names with description?
    Thanks so much.

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    Hi @oakleaf101,

    Thanks for using our theme. To find the element class or ID name, you should learn about the web development tool use Inspect (right-click on any browser). There are hundreds, even more, so we can’t here and tell you every element’s class.

    1. It is:
    .widget-title { /* your style */ }

    2. You could add this:
    .widget a, .widget p, .widget { color: #your-color ; }

    3. You could change the color for content area text color in Customize => Styling => Global Colors => Text Color.

    Hope it helps!

    I just wanted to update this to thank you for your help and work. I gave you a 5 star review.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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