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  • I’m trying to use a custom css sheet but to no avail. I really need just to style the tabs, but they’re being overwritten by the general css. I currently loaded styles right out of themeroller into the bottom of my theme’s styles css file, but that’s not working. The tabs have lost their tabness and the entry-content list-style is overriding. I can’t change that: I have lists in the content. How can I style ONLY the TABS?

    How can I address the formatting of the tabs? I previously was messing around linking a stylesheet from elsewhere but saw the same issues, and I don’t see any specific code to style just tabs, not lists, nor a way to name the container to separate the css. Is there a stylesheet for the plugin I should address?

    You can see how it sucks here:

    You can see what I want over here (but I’m switching from anchors to tabs, if can):

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  • Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Sorry for the late response, has been way too hot here(UK, heatwave) to sit infront on the PC for too long.

    It appears you have resolved your styling issues now, or at least made some headway in getting your CSS how you want.

    If you still require further help, please feel free to pop another response in here.



    Hi, Mark in the UK
    You once answered a guy who asked how to make the header and nav menu stretch the length of a screen. What I would like to do is make the whole page stretch the width of the screen, to eliminate those two columns of wasted space on either side of the page altogether.
    My old blog theme (wordpress; Andrea – allowed this, and my blog style and topic depends on hi-res photos being wrapped with text, side by side within the same visual field. I have just started a domain using Genesis/Prose, for lack of finding any other premium theme that will stretch out to fill the screen. Is there code that would accomplish this, and where do I find it?
    Thanks so much, Mark in the UK
    Laura in New Orleans



    I’m not Mark, but you can do this by setting your body or page width to 100%. However, be aware that setting the width this way (in percentages) will have consequences to mobile users – their page at 100% will be very narrow. Check you theme to see if it renders differently on mobile devices. If it does, the theme has incorporated media queries already to support mobile devices and you can alter the top level css without a problem.

    I don’t know whether your site uses a container or page div. If you link to the site, I’ll look at it to determine the name of the container to overwrite.

    You can try:

        width: 100%;
        width: 100%;

    You might also google ‘Liquid Layout’ to understand how this is done. If your main div is set to percentages but the sidebars are set in pixels, they won’t stretch and you’ll have a very wide main area. And as always: unless you have a custom css file, operate on a child theme.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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