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    I’m having real difficulty working out whether the following is possible on a multisite install. I’ve been going round in circles for hours and I just haven’t come up with the answer.

    1. We have with a series of ‘clubs’ set up as multisites underneath. So we’d have

    2. Content on each club is hidden to non-registered users except for an introductory home page. I can do this by just setting various page templates to check if user is logged in and/or checking user level.

    3. Within each club a user can register. Upon registering they become a ‘contributor’ user level for that sub-site, but not for the whole network. They also can now view all the content for that site.

    4. After they’ve submitted a post for approval on the multisite for which they registered, the admin for each multisite can decide whether to approve and upgrade them to author level so they can publish content without awaiting approval.

    Now as far as I can tell this just isn’t the default behaviour of the network capable WordPress.

    By default if a user is at and they go to, it just redirects them to, which then signs them up as a [default user level] across the whole network. Whilst I’m happy for that new user to become a subscriber across the whole network, I want them to become a contributor for the network site to which they have specifically signed up for.

    Does this sound doable without having to hand code a registration function that directly adds users to the db (which is no doubt going to be a world of pain)?

    I’m quite close to telling them that they’re better off just having a ‘request an account’ contact form on each network site which will mail the network site admin and they manually add a user to their own network site.

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  • Andrea Rennick


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    Lots of options.

    Have them register globally then visit the club they want to contribute to, where you have this widget:

    Or alternatively (and here’s where it might get tricky if you;re using the same theme everywhere) take the wp-signup.php code, stuff it in a page template on the subsites. Tweak as needed.

    Yes they still get added globally to the network, but they also get added to that site at the same time. So a little less visible to the user.

    Remember multisite is like running your own

    but it doesnt work in wordpress 3.3.1…

    is any better choice ?


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    carlgreat – What’s not working with it?

    I keep hearing people say ‘it doesn’t work’ but … no details. Does it run but just not add users?

    Is there an error in your php error log?

    Wow.. I’d completely forgotten about this – the plan on the original site changed and I never needed to work it out..

    Apologies to @andrea_r for never responding to your answer first time round.

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