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  • hello,

    i have a contact page at ttp://

    I would like to add more options on the contact form, something similar to the form on this link : “

    the code on my Contact Page Template (contact.php) is :

    [please post code to and come back with the link]

    i tried to user some of the plug ins available for wordpress, however it totally messed up with my wordpress installation and i had to reinstall everything from scratch.

    Could anyone assist me.

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  • Well Contact Form 7 and other contact form plugins are used by many WordPress sites so not too sure what your problem was but it might be worth looking at some more plugins rather than reinvent the wheel.

    Well i tried Contact form 7 and it did not work.
    i tried as well Custom Contact Forms, Scaleable Contact Form, but none were conclusive.

    well that one does not work either and, once again, support is not consistant and documentation does not cover the issue i am encountering.

    has anyone had the following issue :

    i installed the latest version of cforms on my blog (wordpress 3.0).

    i created a form and inserted the proper code in the page i want the form to appear, i.e. : <!–cforms name=”contact form”–>

    However when i load the page, the form does not display.
    maybe it is related to the fact that in the cform settings pages, i get the message :

    “It seems that your ROOT directory for WordPress is
    /photography. cforms tried to auto-adjust its
    settings accordingly, however if you still encounter issues with Ajax (form
    submission & CAPTCHA reset) please open the file
    js/cforms.js in your cforms plugin folder and check the
    sajax_uri variable. (After changing the file, please emtpy your
    browser cache!)”

    my website wordpress files are located in :

    i tried to change the sajax_uri variable, but obviously, i must not enter the proper path because i still get the error message even after clearing my browsser cache.

    any help would be appreciated as i am pretty much stuck and i can find the answer in the faq or the forum.

    cforms has it’s own support forums, try asking on there:

    i did but got no reply.

    the support for gpl applications is really hopeless. the support forum for that cform plugin is unsurprisingly unresponsive and of course the form to contact the developper of the pluging is not working if mention of cform is included in subjet or content of message. Is there not anyone here who can help me as i am becoming very much desperate.

    is there a email form plugin that works out of the box ?

    looks like all those applications and plugins are for technie-savvy people and have no real use in the real world unless you are a die-hard code wizard, notwithstanding what is being claimed on the plugin details.

    This is extremely frustrating.

    You only asked on there within the last 24 hours, in this thread you have had 3 people reply (from 3 different moderators). Support here on is done on a volunteer basis, where anyone can offer support.

    However a quick search reveals this plugin:

    which may or may not be useful.

    Thanks , i will try that.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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