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    Hi there

    I’m using the latest version of Custom Community (1.17.3) and seem to have a weird problem with the way the posts are displaying.

    The page with all the posts starts a long way down, and the post content goes right across the page unto the right sidebar.

    Any ideas please?


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  • Hi Richard,

    Try removing the float:left from your div#content css

    You could do this by having this Custom CSS in your theme options

    If there is no Custom CSS option, have a look at this plugin: My Custom CSS

    Let me know if you need more help

    Thanks for taking the time to look.

    there is a Custom CSS option. I tried that but it made the right sidebar disappear and made no difference to the rest of the page.,


    Hi Richard,

    Which browser are you using ? I tried the provided CSS using Chrome Developer Tools with Chrome 30 and it works fine with the div#content { float: none; }. I also checked it out with Firefox 24 and Firebug and it works fine.

    If you don’t know these tools yet, they are awesome at going through your page’s source and modifying things on the fly to see how it changes the display.

    Do you have plugins which might affect the display of your pages ?

    Hi there

    I appreciate you trying to help, but that line of code doesn’t work in the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. If anything it makes it worse as it drops the content of the right sidebar to the bottom of the page and cuts off the images to the right, in the middle of the page. In the Evens and News page it doesn’t list the latest post at the top.

    I disabled all plug-ins and it’s still the same.

    It’s almost as if the posts page ignores the default template of content and 2 sidebars, and writes the content across the page as if it’s full width. I have checked the page and it is set to use the default template.

    Any more ideas?

    Hi Rich,

    I just realized what you meant with the right sidebar.

    What is going on is that your main content area is set to a fixed width of 1033px which is the full width of your container holding the left and right sidebar and your main content. Reducing the width of #content.span8 to around 675px (and then adjusting the padding) will get your content and sidebars displaying properly. However, the theme or the way you setted it up makes it a fixed width and people on smaller screens will have an horizontal scrolling bar.

    I hope this helps.

    I don’t know enough about CSS to know how to do that.

    Why is this only happening on the Posts page and not the whole site?


    I discovered that the width is set in the width-calculators.php file. It probably is a dynamic calculation being performed according to some theme options but I can’t be sure without seeing the option page for this theme.

    Have a look to see if there is a place where you can change the width of your post/pages in the options.

    Otherwise, you can try overriding this value by going to Appearance -> theme settings -> CSS and pasting this:

    #container .row-fluid .span8, .row-fluid .span8 {
    width: 613px!important;
    }, #wpbody #post-body-content {
    width : 613px!important;

    Note: I don’t like using !important declaration. It should be used as a last resort if there is no option for the post width and if you don’t feel like digging in the code to fix it the proper way.

    Note2: I changed the width from 675px to 613px as it is the value used on your other pages which display properly and it’ll keep it consistent.

    You will get it to work.

    Thanks. It’s getting there but it doesn’t display the 3 most recent posts. It just shows the featured images at the top of the events page.

    This is a weird one.

    Hi Rich,

    Were the 3 posts being displayed before changing the side-bars and content placement? When I look at your code, it doesn’t seem related to the CSS but to some option of your slider/theme instead. In which case, mods will probably ask for a new thread.

    The changes to side bars and content placement were done because of the problem with how the page displays.

    It was working fine until the last post. The post was done the same as the others, so it’s a bit strange how it suddenly displays weird.

    No options in the theme settings have been changed.

    Only having access to the output source code, it is hard to tell why the first three posts are displayed as featured images. I am certain it is not CSS related.

    It’ll be corrected either by some option in your theme or by changing how the WP loop processes the posts.

    Thanks for your input with this. I finally managed to get some help from the theme developer. Hopefully this will help anyone else who may have a similar problem in future.

    I had to use this CSS to hold the text and stop it overflowing into the sidebars:

    #container .row-fluid .span8, .row-fluid .span8 {
    width: 615px;

    The problem with only the featured images showing from the 3 most recent posts on my selected posts page was resolved by going into the theme options > General > Posts lists on home page > Display last 3 posts > Hide

    Why this suddenly caused a problem after running fine for months I don’t know, but at least it’s fixed.


    Meant to mark it as resolved

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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