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  • In theme settings, general tab , default homepage,
    set Show / hide avatars to show
    set Post listing style to default
    set Show / hide date, category and author to show

    here is the css i used to over write the settings on a global level and not just the home page. div#content{width:100%;}{display:none;} {position:relative;left: -90px;width:97%}
    body.single div#content{width:100%;}
    body.single {position:relative;left: -90px;width:97%}{display:none;} div#content{width:100%;}{display:none;} {position:relative;left: -90px;width:97%}
    body.archive div#content{width:100%;}
    body.archive {position:relative;left: -90px;width:97%}

    Your twitter widget title, Is set to H3 and not H2 like the rest.

    h3.widgettitle a{font-size:16px;}

    Give this a shot.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Where do I put the code you’ve put above? I tried it in the css box in the Theme Options but that doesn’t work.

    How come the widget title is H3 when all the others are larger? I thought this was controlled in the theme options as well?


    OK. I’ll answer myself, in case anyone else is trying to do thsi.

    Ijust added this line to the custom CSS in the Theme Options: {position:relative;left: -90px;width:99%}

    I didn’t suddenly become a genius, I found the answer here


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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