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    ok. I read extensively here and google trying to solve this problem. I’ve also come across another thread with no resolution. and, lots more which makes me rather nervous…

    I copied the Comments Template and renamed it comments-review.php and FTP into my theme folder and CHMOD. No problem.

    I then changed the standard comment template call <?php comments_template(); ?> in my specific category & specific category single phps to

    <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/comments-review.php'); ?> .

    I kept all other relevant comment information in the specific category templates as standard (default) coding.

    Fab. The new call (<?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/comments-review.php'); ?> ) brought up the new comments-review.php template into the category specific single php webpage as directed, which reflects all customisation. Beautiful.

    While I can submit a comment in this category specific custom commenting area, and my comments are registered and filed with the db and admin control panel, I cannot see the comments in general viewing.

    The parent specific category reflects the number of reviews (comments) that have been generated per single post, and when I view the single post entry the comment form appears but NO COMMENTS.

    Can someone please advise me what code I need to insert (if required) into the specific category php in order to call up the display of comments so that the comments appear on the single post page as per normal default commenting/post structure?

    PS: I’m using my own theme which I designed myself based originally from Blix theme – heavily, heavily hacked.

    PSS: I have no other issue – theme-wise or css.

    Your help would be really appreciated.

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  • Ok. I got this to work.

    For those vaguely interested… and don’t have days and days to work this out, I switched <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/comments-review.php'); ?> back to ?php comments_template(); ?> inside the category specific single post template page.

    Now works like a bloody charm.

    Oh, I will be offering this theme up for review shortly – in about a week’s time. It’s almost a CMS, with a fully functional bookstore & book reviews with comments for anyone interested…

    Nope – still having problems.

    Can someone help me on this please (see above)? I want to use a separate custom design comment.php for my book reviews and keep the default (basic) comment php for everything else.

    Ta muchly



    I would like to know the steps to make a custom comment template for pages as well, if anyone can help ? Thanks in advance !

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