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  • Thanks for the plugin, there are a couple of things I thought you’d want to know about:

    1. This filter:


    is blocking other plugins from printing custom content. I believe the simplr_column_output function should probably be checking for its own column name and only change the output in that case. Otherwise, you’re returning a blank string for all other custom columns.

    2. Minor, but it’d be great to clean up the code producing these notices by checking for the property’s existence before trying to access them

    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php:212 - Undefined index: page
    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php:591 - Undefined index: query
    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php:592 - Undefined property: stdClass::$login_redirect
    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php:163 - Undefined index: page
    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php:252 - Undefined property: stdClass::$mod_on
    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php:893 - Undefined index: orderby

    Turn on WP_DEBUG to see the error output.

    Thanks for the plugin!


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  • (Perhaps something like this check would work well)

     * Filter custom column output
     * @params $out string (optional) | received output from the wp hook
     * @params $column_name string (required) | unique column name corresponds to the field name
     * @params $user_id INT
    	function simplr_column_output($out='',$column_name,$user_id) {
    		if( in_array( $column_name , get_option('simplr_reg_fields') ) ){
    			$out = get_user_meta($user_id, $column_name,true);
    		return $out;
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