• I have set up a limited color palette for a site I want to also use Atomic Blocks on.
    However, there does not seem to be a way to get AB to honor the ‘disable-custom-colors’ and instead use the ‘editor-color-palette’ that has been set up for the site.
    Are we stuck with using the colours available within AB?
    And before it is suggested, no, we cannot simply re-enable custom colours by removing “add_theme_support( ‘disable-custom-colors’ );” from the theme’s functions.php file.

    Any way of easily over-riding the colours available in AB?

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  • Plugin Author atomicblocks


    Hi there,

    We have this on our to-do list and will be fixed soon! We have color palettes defined in the plugin that are overriding the theme palettes. Fix should be in the next version!

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