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  • Hi,
    We have a website using a custom CMS:

    1.How easy would it be for Sparesmaster content to be transferred for us to use on wordpress?

    Our host guys say:
    We would be able to give an export of the data that Sparesmaster would require from the database. The data collection from the database would not be in any order and would purely be a data ‘dump’.

    They are also saying:

    They can of course collate the data and order it into the site specific order, but this will be approximately two days work.

    Is this something wordpress can do? i’m not totally comfortable with this side of things but wondered if possible and would like some guidence.

    Regards Peter

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  • I won’t say it is impossible, but it will be some work. There is a lot of content on that site which, regardless of how the data will be collated, will be tedious to work through.
    First of all it will depend on how you want to setup WordPress to deal with this data. Once you have a plan for how the new site must be structured, you could probably write a script that translates the old database to the new wordpress database. But even so, you probably need a lot of handwork to check each page and item afterwards and add things like photo’s manually.

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