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    Hello! I’m trying to figure out three things:

    1. The class=”whatever” doesn’t seem to be working. I copied it right from your example: field=”div=start;class=”release_list”;div=end;” but that doesn’t seem to be working. Its not applying my class to the div.

    2. I was curious if it’s possible to show the taxonomy somehow? Not filter by taxonomy, but actually display the taxonomy it’s part of under the title or whatever, like a blog post might. (like you’re showing the author now, but the taxonomy)

    3. I can hide this with CSS, but is it possible to *not* include an image, even if there is one? Like to show the future posts in a list?

    Thank you!

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  • I made a discovery today! I have a client who has her books (including ‘future posts’) set up as pages. It took me about 20 minutes to realize the reason those were still showing 404 is because they aren’t using single.php. DUH, right? (You’d think I haven’t been doing this for… *coughcough* years.)

    It was an easy adjustment in my functions file, but if you ever decide to include a settings page and want to include that option it was just:

    if(is_single() || is_page() && $wp_query->post_count == 0)

    Not that you need to – that’s a fairly unorthodox usage. 😀 But I figured I’d share anyway.

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    you mean on the



    Yup! I mean, it probably won’t apply to most people, but I guess to some it might. 🙂 If it were an option to be ticked (posts, pages, cpt) then people could allow that function on those specific things instead of only on single posts. They could do all or just one or two.

    But that’s literally like a “if you have nothing else to do or even want to” kind of thing.

    Plugin Author jdalmeida


    problem is, i don’t have a settings page. maybe i will in a near future, who knows?

    so, changing the behaviour of future pages, while the plugin is related to posts only, without a proper option to be set by the user, i think it’s not a good idea. some people may not like that at all. besides, i don’t believe there’s much people doing future pages. it doesn’t make much sense, does it?

    i will leave the line of code inside the function (next version), but on a commented state. if people realy need it, will be just a matter of swapping it.

    No, I totally agree. I wasn’t suggesting you do it now. but if you ever do add a settings page, you might consider it. 🙂

    Plugin Author jdalmeida


    i sure will!

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