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  • I wonder if there is any plugin to change the mode of choice of parent categories and children categories of the area to publish a new post: wp-admin/post-new.php

    I wanted to change the way the checkbox to select, for example:
    Select the parent category: List of parent categories
    Select the children category: List of child categories, for selected parent category (it should be loaded in ajax when change the parent category)

    So, I let my columnists select only one parent category and only one children category, and leave these fields as required.

    I have to edit many posts that does not have at least category (Uncategorized) or that appear in more than one parent category (and this causes bugs in the layout, especially the menu highlighting).

    Now appreciate all kinds of help. If there is a plugin on it, is easier, but if not (because I seek not found), and some methods to describe someone like me can do that I also thank.

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  • Just as a note, if you have parent categories with child categories, you should only check the child category when writing a post.

    Yes, but many columnists, even if I explain, are not the right way.

    Sometimes also select children categories of different parent categories, and also occurs problems in the code layout.

    Therefore, I would change for selects, to select only 1 parent category and 1 children category, and in this case then the parent category would not with the “selected”, unless they choose not no children category.

    But unfortunately did not find any basis (plugin or Codex) to do this, therefore, looks forward to support you.

    Thank you.

    Don’t know if there is a plugin that will help you with that, but will give you some ideas;

    Could consider using these two plugins to restrict categories users can assign when writing posts
    described at by mtg169

    User-Cats Manager
    Provides to admin users a way to select what categorie determined users can write. Administrators have access to all categories. Users are restricted to seeing posts only in their designated categories. Visitors must login to see posts.

    Category Access allows you to limit, by user, what categories the person sees when editing posts. This applies to just Authors, Contributore, and Subscribers–which makes sense. Can also control what categories are not displayed on the blog but within limits (will hide the_content and the_title, but not the_time,the_date, the_category) Can also restrict what categories guests (not logged in) see on blog.

    Bind-user-to-cat binds each user to a specified category. It works great. A user can post to only one category. When he goes into Manage, he sees all posts but can edit only the ones in his category. 🙂 And everyone is able to view all posts

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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