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  • Hi,

    I’m sure there must be a solution but I can’t seem to find any as of yet.

    WP was installed in /news
    Blog home url is

    All posts have categories assigned to them.

    So when posts are made, the permalink is

    However, we want to have more relevant categories but it wouldn’t make sense to have something like the following with the current structure:

    So I was thinking of moving WP to the web root and create a category called NEWS, and assign all of the current posts into that category. I also moved all of the existing categories and made the parent NEWS.

    This would keep the permalink structure the same although it appears that WP suggests not to use text as the first element in the permalink for performance reasons. We can make due with any performance penalties.

    I created another category called How To.

    So part of the answer is changing the permalink structure to:

    However, since the categories will have subcategories, we want to exclude those from showing in the permalink structure. This is where I’m at a standstill.

    A very bad workarounds is to setup WP 3.0 so that /news and /how-to are actually different blogs (multi-user). Another bad workaround is to keep WP installed at /news and install another WP at /how-to.

    Any idea how we can keep the same WP install but only have the parent category show in the permalink structure?

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