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    I created this Design using Elementor Pro Dynamic Tags and Pods Fields*

    The Elements of the Design are:
    1.) Featured Image: set in WordPress Featured Image Section.

    2.) Recipe Icon: pulled dynamically from a Pods Image Field* using Elementor Pro Dynamic Tag functionality.

    3.) Recipe Taxonomy: pulled dynamically from a Pods Taxonomy* using Elementor Pro Dynamic Tag functionality.

    4.) Post Excerpt: set in WordPress Post Excerpt section.

    5.) Recipe Time Icon: pulled statically using Elementor Icon List Widget.

    6.) Recipe Time: Pulled dynamically from a Pods Time Field* using Elementor Pro Dynamic Tag functionality.

    So two(2) things are at work here: Elementor Pro Dynamic Tags functionalities, and Pods Content Type plugin in combination.

    1.) Let’s assume that I want to use Gutenberg only and Custom Layouts plugin, How can I achieve this same Custom Card Design?

    2.) And how can I also have this Single Card Design into an Archive Template Design as this–

    Needing to hear from you soon.


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    Hey @gamicord I was just browsing the forums as this came through πŸ™‚

    Right now without coding, you won’t be able to achieve those dynamic elements yet. It’s on our todo for a big update coming out next year.

    However, there is a route that involves some coding.

    We have WP hooks so that you can replace the html content of any element in a layout: – the hook you probably want is the last example custom-layouts/element/render_output

    So you could then use the appropriate PODs function to pull its data and modify your element with the content you want.

    Hopefully these answers will clarify a few things:

    1. Yup this will work
    2. We don’t have dynamic content yet (only custom fields), but you could use one of those hooks I mentioned to add the image to the taxonomy element.
    3. PODs taxonomies are regular taxonomies, so you can show this using our taxonomy element.
    4. We have an excerpt element
    5. Planned in a update also, but for now, you’d have to use a hook to add the image
    6. Not sure on this, my guess this is saved as a custom field, and we support date based custom fields… So you would need to find out the custom field (aka post meta) key – my guess it’ll be there unless they are using custom tables

    For the next two questions:
    1. So with the above in mind (the design elements you can’t achieve), you would design your template using our template editor (its drag and drop and based on / integrated with gutenberg – but you can use it with any page builder

    2. You would use our layouts to build the archive style layout:
    Then depending on what you are using, you can add (and create) a layout via a block, or via our admin page, and use a shortcode to drop that in somewhere (eg, if using Elementor)

    Right now, you’ve highlighted a ton of features we don’t have, and would love to have…

    We’re making progress, but the first thing we want to tick off is full support for gutenberg blocks (so you can add any block to our templates) – this would allow for rows and columns, and all kinds of dynamic blocks (I know ACF has some, assume PODs might have some too) – and that is going to take some time.

    Anyway, I hope all that helps – I’m guessing our plugin is probably not ready for your needs just yet.


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    Thanks very much 😊 Sir, for your reply.

    The challenge is that many people who use WordPress are people who basically can’t code PHP, and just want a straight forward Drag-and-Drop system.

    Sadly I fall under such people, and to say that “a route for the dynamic Elements involves some Coding” means that the answer to my question is a Big No.

    In your Overall Summary, you said “I’m guessing our plugin is probably not ready for your needs just yet.”

    I think I agree with you. Your plugin indeed isn’t yet ready for my needs just yet.

    But Thanks for your reply and honesty.

    I hope you’ve noted my Requests, and may begin work on them?


    Plugin Author Code Amp


    Hey @gamicord

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah, we’ll be working on all the above after we’ve tackled the challenge of supporting all (or most) Gutenberg blocks.

    I hope that will be towards the end of this year and then we’ll begin the rest.

    Hopefully we’ll be ready on your next project(s)!


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