Custom Bracket Plugin? Like Sports Tournaments (1 post)

  1. dgh
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I searched the plugin list and nothign came up. there seem to be some old solutions out there, but nothing I found that was usable. I also looked at http://www.bracketeers.com but their free tool is too constrictive and http://www.bracketman.com does not have what I want. (it is not for a sports tournament)

    perhaps some kind of survey solution can be adapted to what I need?

    Looking for something that will:
    - Allow for A vs B vs C type of brackets (not jsut A vs B)
    - Accommodate listing the competitions and results for 60+ matches in 'Round One' ... and progressing on down from there

    I do not need it to actually include voting online (although would be nice), just display the brtackets and results in a nice format.

    Anyone have suggestions aside from just typing things out on a page or using an ugly excel spreadsheet template?

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