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  1. kremuwa
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello there,

    I want to make custom and really nicely-integrated ads on my blog. So, I'd like to have a possibility to add a block element with custom content under each of my posts. It will let me make custom ads, like in the following example:
    Under a post about my trip to Netherlands, there would be an ad of online bike shop (because Netherlands are famous for their bikes).

    I imagine a perfect plugin for this as one that adds additional widget in the post writing/editing view, where I can write the custom content for the ad that will be displayed under this post. I would also like to show these ads only on the front page (but that's optional).

    Does plugin with such a/similar funcitonality exist? If the answer is no, I will try to develop such a plugin myself (I know PHP but have never prepared a plugin for WP in particular). Then also a similar plugin which I can look onto as a reference to writing such plugin will be appreciated.

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