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  • I’m using your Pixel Caffeine plugin in combination with AdEspresso right now on two pages.

    Yesterday I setup different custom audiences on both sites.

    Today I checked if they were pushed to my AdEspresso account and saw that both audiences are exactly the same ?! (see screenshot). This can’t be correct.

    I connected the WP plugin via facebook connect and selected the default pixel. As far as I know I can only have 1 pixel, so they are identically on both pages. Is this correct way? I’m doubting it a little bit. I checked my account and I’m only allowed to have 1 pixel per advertiser account, so there is no way creating multiple pixels in this case.

    Can you help me clearifying?

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  • Plugin Author antoscarface



    I think I don’t understand very well. You created the same audiences both AdEspresso and plugin, is that correct? If yes, why shouldn’t they be the same?

    Otherwise, I can’t understand very well what is the problem exactly.

    For the other thing, yes I confirm you can’t connect more pixels on the same website with the plugin for now 🙁

    Maybe i get the functionality wrong, but here’s what I did:

    1.) Website A: Created multiple custom audience through your plugin, including some “eCommerce purchase” / “url visited” filters.

    2.) Website 2: Created the same audiences from 1.

    I thought, each custom audience depends on the website it’s from. Because a purchaser from store A wouldn’t be the same as in store B etc. Someone visiting my page wouldn’t be the same as ?! Or am I wrong?

    Plugin Contributor adespresso


    The custom audiences don’t depend on the website but on the Pixel. He has the role in tracking the users from website in order to create the custom audience.

    So, if you use the same Pixel ID for both websites and you create two exact custom audiences from the plugin admin of both websites, the custom audience will include the users tracked also from the other website. It’s not decided by the plugin, but by Facebook.

    I hope is clear what I mean.

    You could differentiate the custom audiences by applying the filter for URL, filtering for the domain of the website where you are creating the custom audience from.

    Thanks for clarifying @adespresso!

    Well due to the fact that I can’t create multiple pixels with 1 account, there’s no other way then applying the exact url filter I assume.

    Plugin Author antoscarface


    Exactly, that is the only one way unfortunately.

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