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Custom Archive/URL for certain categories

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to archive a custom template for my archive view and after trying couples of plug–ins and searching this forum up and down, I’m close to give up.

    I’d like to use a URL like this
    http://www.blog.com/category/2008/ and

    and display only the entries for this particular (and all it’s child categories!) for the particular month or (like in the first case) all months of the year and the entries sorted according to these months.
    Like this:

    • Entry 1
    • Entry 2
    • Entry 3


    • Entry 1
    • Entry 2
    • Entry 3


    I’d be really greatful for every kind of hint since I believe that this would be a good way to display the archives depending on time.

    Thanks a bunch,

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  • WP doesn’t have the feature to display monthly archives by category (or category archives by months)…

    I was afraid of that. — Anyone already tried to do something like this on his own?

    One more question, though:
    I’ve been trying a couple of more things now and I guess I could get the requests redirected to the right form.
    What I’d like to use is a url like this:
    Is there any way that I could access to the url segments (and check, which category has been passed on e.g. ) and force wp to use a certain template for this type of url?


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