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    I tried to do this without success. AFAIK, I should be using wp_get_archives:

    First, show the category:

    :: Cars

    And then, show the post title only of all the posts inside that category, newer ones on top:

    :: Cars
    — :: I trashed my Ferrari
    — :: I won a Ferrari!

    Of course, I won’t have just one category, so this gets harder to do.

    If this helps, my permalinks are by /postid/ and then by /posttitle/.

    I had seen in the codex the get_archive stuff and it features an example with a dropdown box, so that should be a nice solution when I’ll have more than 20 posts in a category.

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  • Bump.

    Is this thing that hard to do?

    have a look here:

    Fresh, from earlier today… don’t be misled by the title. Chetan uses a nice archives plugin.

    Thanks a lot schestowitz, I’ll check it out =)

    Extended Live Archive doesn’t work with Opera 🙁

    Anyways, it wasn’t what I was looking for.

    You can try to hack a file that floats around the WordPress ‘sphere’. It is called narchives.php if I recall correctly. It can be ‘stripped’ off the bits that you do not need.

    Ah, yes… I forgot to check and try to hack that plugin. They’re not really “Nicer” but I’ll try to style it.

    Before that, I’ll mention that I resolved half of the problem with logic. I’ll just link the categories first, and then call the post’s titles of an individual category. I’m checking the Codex database but there doesn’t seems to be a ‘thing’ to call the post title, only the entire post. I found something similar in wp_get_archives but I can’t choose the category, so it’s useless.
    At least, I didn’t found it.

    Make use of the API’s which are well documented. If you come up with something useful and reusable, wrap it as a plug-in and publish it for the world to enjoy. *smile*

    Yes, if you come up with it, please release it 🙂 I’ve wanted this same exact idea implemented, but my lack of knowledge with PHP kept leading me to not getting what I wanted after messing with the codes…

    I know nothing about PHP, I just use logic here and there to see if it works, reloading 100 times in my localhost WordPress install.

    But someone went somewhat ahead of me and released Customizable Post Listings, at first look seems really hard to use but the Templates included within the plugin did what I wanted to do.

    So, let’s say you want a list of recent posts, to include the post author’s name linked to the archive of all of that author’s posts, plus a short excerpt of the post. And let’s say you only want posts from category ’34′.

    I deleted the excerpt thing an voila. Check the link I previously posted for the code to show a post list this way. Ah, I think you must put “-1”, replacing the “3” on the code.

    Hi Stahn, I also need the archive exactly like you do. So when people visit my archive page, it will shows:

    *December 2005
    – my category
    :: post title

    So perharps you may share how to do it with Costumizable Post Listing, because I already use it for Recent Comment and Previous Entries.

    Thanks before 🙂

    Already did in my last post, let’s see… this is the code I’m using, per example:

    <?php c2c_get_recent_posts(-1, "%post_URL% by <em>%post_author_posts%</em>, published on <strong>%post_date%</strong>", "16"); ?>

    I change the “16” for the ID of another category.

    Since I don’t use the Archives for months, I suggest looking a little further inside the plugin and ask in the support page; or add the months manually.

    thanks for the reply. i’ll look into it.

    Extended Live Archive doesn’t work with Opera 🙁

    That’s not true! Extended live archive works just fine in Opera. I’m using version 8.5.1 by the way.

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