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  1. chaitanya10
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hello guys
    i have some custom 404s and i am interested in selling them..
    can anyone suggest some sites
    before replying please see these points
    PS i don't have a website and i can not create one..
    i am looking for websites which dont ask me to pay for registering


  2. I can't see how this is a WP related question (or why anyone would buy custom 404s in the first place).

  3. chaitanya10
    Posted 5 years ago #

    many wordpress theme designers include custom 404s in their design and i guess that answers both your questions..

  4. Yeah, but why would they buy a 404 'design' if they've already designed a whole site? WordPress seemlessly handles 404s so you don't have to do anything special unless you want to (which I grant you, some people do).

    I can't understand what you're selling. If you're designing a WP 404, you may as well just make a whole theme.

    And if you want a website you don't have to pay for using AND you're trying to sell something ... that seems a bit strange and suspect too :)

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