1. wpguru00
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Custom themes do not work.

    When attempting to use a custom theme the highlighter breaks and simply shows as plain text.

    I've tried importing the settings from existing themes and no matter what I try it simply will not work when a custom theme is selected.

  2. Andi Dittrich
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Dear wpguru00,
    generally, for such issues, please use the WordPress Support Forum or open a new Issue on GitHub.

    The plugin as well as the Theme-Customizer is very well tested on a several webhosting environments and everything works as excepted.

    You problem sounds like missing CSS files - the ThemeCustomizer dynamically generates a CSS-file from your custom settings and stores it into the cache directory: wp-content/plugins/enlighter/cache - this directory have to be writeable by WordPress or it will not work. You can try to set chmod of the cache/ directory to 0777 - maybe this will solve your issue.

    best reagrds, Andi

  3. wpguru00
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks, the problem was in fact the permission on the cache folder. But.....

    1.) Nowhere in the documentation does it state the the cache folder must be set to 777

    2.) It’s very easy for PHP to check wether or not a folder is writeable and display an error if the proper permissions are not set. Your plugin does not perform this check on the cache folder when saving the settings via the admin panel.

  4. Andi Dittrich
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Of course, your right :)
    i've just added a checkup to the ThemeCustomizer which throws an error message with possible solutions (change chmod) as well as an additional faq entry.
    Up to now i didn't thought that this was necesssary, but it seems that some hosting environments have configuration issues (they did not set the folder permissions correctly). This problem only affects a few users..
    Generally chmod 0777 is not a good idea (in case of security), therefore the plugin will not set the permissions automatically - but it's an acceptable solution for the cache-directory (maybe 0644 or 0640 will also work, but it strongly depends on your hosting environment).

    the new release will include these changes, thanks for your feedback!

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