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  • CrinstarDeluxe

    Is there a way to add a field next to title named “currently listing to…” so that your current favourite music can be quickly posted at the start of a new post?

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  • wow, wordpress can power forums now? amazing. i thought it was miniBB.

    Was mislead by the tag on the bottom. For forum software, this bites.

    it’s been discussed before. in short, don’t hold your breadth waiting for a switch to another forum package.

    If you just want to do it while you are posting and not display the actual song you are listening to upon a visit, just use the custom field and add a “Currently Listening To:” key and then you can add the value at the time of each post.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    About stickies – read the one and only sticky in the Troubleshooting section. Then count the numbers of posts which have been made into that section about nightlies.
    Stickies have their uses, but they aren’t the answer unfortunately.

    most people would agree that this forum software blows, but unfortunately the amount of work involved in making an alternative forum package xhtml-compliant and importing all existing posts to the new board means that it is never going to happen.
    the horse is not only dead, it is buried and daisies are growing on its grave 😉

    I tried searching but to no real avail. Back to topic anyways plaese 😉
    Where is this custom field thing you talk of so mystically Beel???

    When you are writiing a post, go to “Advanced Editing” – you will see it on the bottom.

    I added a custom field but it doesn’t seem to show anywhere :s

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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