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  • sorry for double post!!!

    Hi there, i found a hack on to setting the .current_page_item on wp_list_pages() in combination with Custom Post Typs.

    But this Hack supports only the .current_page_item CSS-Class.
    The CSS-Class of the parent Element (.current_page_parent) is not set.

    Any ideas?

    her is the code

    function file:
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    I use jquery at the moment to generate CSS-Class of the parent Element

    jquery file

    	$('.submenu li:has(li.current_page_item)').addClass('parent_page_item');	

    Has anyone a idea how can i implement this feature?

    I registered to say: Thanks!

    Hi Dave!

    (I’m really sorry for my awfully late reply. I didn’t notified about your support thread in the Trac. I just saw it now when another guy posted in it.)

    If this still is relevant: could you paste your register_post_type() code on pastebin?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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