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[Resolved] Current status of this plugin?

  • Hi, just wondering if this plugin is still supported? Should it work with WordPress 3.5?

    I just tried it, and after creating the new folders on the server first, and then setting them up in the plugin’s Settings page, I tried to move an image from the default location to a new folder, by going to the image’s Edit Media page and selecting the new folder from the menu there. However, after I clicked Update, nothing changed – the image remained in the initial folder.

    Is the plugin supposed to actually move the image file itself (on the server) to the new folder, or am I supposed to do that manually?

    In any case, the image link didn’t change either. I guess it doesn’t work with WordPress 3.5. But it would be great if the developer could check and update it – this is seriously exactly the functionality I’ve been looking for – the ability to have different types of media saved into different folders! I’m not aware of any other plugin that can do this. 🙂


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  • Plugin Author alanft


    i’ve long neglected this plugin. i’ll take a look some time.

    if anyone wants to take over or contribute a fix – get in touch here

    Thanks alanft. I really hope you might be able to update it again – this is the only plugin of its kind! 🙂

    I was able to get the plugin to work in terms of correctly moving a file to another folder when I select a different folder in the drop-down menu, by implimenting the new code described at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/wordpress-35-update-broken-it?replies=4

    However, it still doesn’t work correctly, because after I change the folder (when I’m editing a media item) and then I click the Update button to save the change, the File URL of that item changes to something weird:


    The path I had entered into the plugin’s settings was merely this:


    So I don’t know why it’s changed the file URL to the full path of my virtual host folder like that.

    I really hope you might be able to get this fixed! 🙂


    Just want to add my hopes for an update (or viable workaround) for this plugin, which is vital for one of my sites. @alanft, what do you need to be able to work on it?

    Plugin Author alanft


    With the code change linked above and a touch more changes in the “function(data)…” to tidy up some JS errors (and a corresponding failure to update the page) I can get it to work more or less as I recall it.

    The odd path mentioned by GermanKiwi was a lingering problem that afflicted the code even back in the day, or at least so I recall, and was meant to be patched by the last block of code starting add_filter( ‘wp_get_attachment_url’…

    I’m just re-isntalled SVN and then I’ll commit the development version with what works for me, minus that last problem. Which is a start.

    Plugin Author alanft


    There, in the development version now if anyone wants to try it, and then we can crack on any functionality I’ve missed that still needs tweaking

    Where do I find the development version, in order to try it?

    Plugin Author alanft


    Hey alanft, thanks for finding the time to update this after all this time even though you don’t use it yourself any more. The latest svn is working for me on WP 3.5.1.



    I would pay to get this plugin.

    Put it up on a pay site like themeforest or another.

    There is no other plugin that helps organize media content into folder within the library on WP. I have over 500 images in my library and loading them to a page is time consuming because the images are not organized into folders. I have 25 pages of image in the library.

    If you do, please make sure to include search phrases like, library folders, organizing media content, organizing library, library folders, etc. You would have the corner unless you know of another plugin. Thanks…. Can you provide me with the fix to the latest version so I can use now. Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Tim Berneman


    @alanft, you mentioned above that you’ve neglected this plugin and said if anyone would like to “take over” than to get in touch here. I would like to do just that, take over the plugin and fix the problems and add more functionality. Please get in touch with me at tberneman@gmail.com and let me know how you would like to proceed.



    Thank you, Tim, that’s great. This is really a useful plugin on several of my sites.

    Plugin Author Tim Berneman


    I got your email Alan and have tried to find out what we need to do for me to take over “ownership” of this plugin. I posted in a WordPress forum asking for help and they directed me to another page but I can’t see where to send an email to get the info.

    It maybe easier for me to just take the existing version 0.20 and start a new project and call it “Relocate Upload Extreme” or something. Do I have your blessing to this if I can’t get help on “transferring” ownership of the plugin? I’ll keep attribution to you in the new “fork” for the original plugin and a link back to your version of the plugin.

    Thanks Alan!

    Tim :o]



    I think it would be preferable to keep the existing plugin, if at all possible, so that those who are already using this plugin will automatically get the newer updates via the WordPress plugin update page, when they are released. Otherwise, many users won’t know that the plugin has been forked.

    Plugin Author Tim Berneman


    I agree @germankiwi, forking it was more of a “last resort” idea. I finally was able to get an email address this morning and I sent them a request for info. Alan, I CC’d you in the email. Hopefully this will be a fairly easy and quick process and then we can begin looking at what we all would like to see added/improved with the plugin.

    Plugin Author Tim Berneman


    Alan has made me a committer and admin. I want to thank Alan for passing the responsibility to me, and trusting me to take care of his plugin. I will strive to do a good job, and be responsive in these forums.

    With that, I will look back at past posts and see what bugs were reported to try and address those first. Then we can look at features and enhancements. I will start a new thread for those so we all can start with a clean slate.

    Thanks Alan!!!

    Tim :o]

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