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  • My first guess would be a theme issue. You might want to check with thesis. You could test it by selecting the default WordPress theme, and see if they show correctly. If they do with the default theme, but not with your other theme, then it’s probably a theme issue.

    Hi Inspired2Write,

    Thanks for your suggestion. It does work with the default theme.

    I didn’t figure out why my thematic based child them was misbehaving.

    The only difference from other pages on my menu is that it’s made up of posts from a selected category. Should still work by my logic… It’s still a page after all.

    Anyway, I added this css to fix it (applied only to the page current_page_item was not working): {

    NOTE: I was trying to style the

  • part of my markup, due to the way the design worked. I found several solutions using this type of css fix, but kept forgetting to specify the style for the
  • part.
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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