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    Is it possible to have the current page link to adopt a different color/underline/other characteristics, in the sidebar presentations of Intelliwidget…?

    Have played with the widget’ s css relating to the current-menu that are presently empty of effects, and without clarity on what they might address have added color, via an intelliwidget.css file in the theme child directory, then directly into the child css, and finally going into the widget’s intelliwidget.css file directly and adding color there… No noticeable effects…

    Really learning to appreciate all it is able to do…



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    You are looking for this selector:

    .widget_intelliwidget li.intelliwidget-current-menu-item

    This selector is one of the ones I used in the three ways mentioned above…

    I now have in the theme’s child via Appearance/Editor:
    .widget_intelliwidget li.intelliwidget-current-menu-item {
    color: #FF0;

    I also have two intelliwidgets set for two pages, identical settings for “menu 1.” No effects on the page’s link in the widget when on either page…

    I have sent you via email an admin login and links to the two pages…

    Gratefulness for your attentiveness to this support forum… 🙂

    In case it is helpful have found CSS for the Child that works…:

    /* Show current page in sidebar links
    .widget .current-menu-item,
    .widget .current-menu-item a:link, .widget .current-menu-item a:visited,
    .widget .current_page_item, .widget .current_page_item a:link, .widget .current_page_item a:visited,
    .widget .current_forum_item, .widget .current_forum_item a:link, .widget .current_forum_item a:visited {
    color: #ff0 !important;


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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