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  • I’m struggling to find out hoe to remove the default currency set to USD and after wondering in TEC’s code, I’ve found put that the currency is actually stored with in the amount field. However, I didn’t manage to find where this happens in the plugin’s code.

    But the most important think is: why you did something so silly?
    The cost field must contain just … well, the cost!
    There’s not just USD in the world: so what’s the point of putting it as a default and only and mandatory currency?

    Now, in my template, I have to use a stupid substr() function to remove this currency and replace it with the one I need EUR.

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  • First of all, remember that this is free, as in free beer. Obviously it’s frustrating, but don’t take that out on “the hand that feeds you.”

    I didn’t make the plugin, but I didn’t even have a default dollar sign attached to my cost as you seem to. Are you using eventbrite? That’s a plausible culprit. If not, I’m assuming that the default/event country is outside the US, right?

    I checked the mysql database, and it’s stored as varchar without a dollar sign. It’s stored as post meta data.

    Aside from that, not sure how to help. Best of luck!

    I agree with sonOfhobs… Since it’s recorded as a varchar I can type in “FREE!” as the cost and it’s saved–even with the exclamation point. Must be something outside this plugin, like Eventbrite as mentioned.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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