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  • Is anybody but me interested in the following hack (shown in context):
    $curl = preg_replace(“/(\S)'([^’\s])/”, “$1$2″, $curl);
    $curl = preg_replace(‘/(\s|\A)”(?!\s)/’, ‘$1$2′, $curl);
    // BC Hack — curl quotes followed by R paren, period, and comma
    // $curl = preg_replace(‘/”(\s|\Z)/’, ‘$1′, $curl);
    $curl = preg_replace(‘/”(\s|\Z|\)|\.|\,)/’, ‘$1′, $curl);
    (the last line is the only line that was changed)
    This change (around line 31 of functions-formatting.php, in the function wptexturize()) cleans up the quote marks that don’t get turned into curly quote marks and it seems to behave itself.
    Does one of the regular developers want to enter this in, or do I need to sign up as a developer?

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  • OK, that was my third try at getting something through the system, and this is the most readable. Obviously the “ampersand-amp-semicolon” should just be “ampersand” like it is in the code.

    Revbob, there’s already a fix for this in CVS.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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