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  • I gather that WP automatically converts ‘ and ” into left- or right-quotation marks as appropriate. This is a great feature, but it doesn’t work so well when the quotation mark appears next to a tag. So, for example, I had the following html:

    Thai-Lao therefore also alleged that "<abbr title="Électricité de France International">EDFI</abbr> has continuous and systematic contacts with this District that are tantamount to <abbr title="Électricité de France International">EDFI</abbr>'s being 'found' in this district pursuant to Section 1782."

    So when I use the <abbr> tag, the possessive apostrophe gets rendered as a &lsquo; instead of as a &rsquo;

    Is this a bug? I was able to get it to work by typing in &rsquo;, but I wonder if this could be fixed.


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  • i see, you can also just paste ’

    it looks like WP thinks the word has ended & that nothing is coming before the ‘ since there is an html tag

    but if the regular expression or whatever that is looking for ‘s gets adjusted to ignore a closing </tag>, it would now have the wrong quote in more common cases like

    suppose it could only do ’ after </abbr> though

    (i wouldnt know how to do the php to patch this in WP)

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