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  1. spinnerofcontradictions
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi all,

    WordPress seems to display most numeric character references correctly. However, references to curly quotation marks (‘, ‘, “, and “) are incorrectly transformed into straight quotation marks (' and ") on display. I can't find what bit of code is mangling them in this way. Does anyone know why this is happening and a minimally invasive way of correcting it? MySQL shows that the references are inserted as NCRs into the database, so the error must be in the display formating somewhere.

    I'm a bit of a purist for curly quotes, but I want them to be inserted as NCRs so that they work correctly with all RSS implementations and as many browsers as possible.

    My blog is UTF-8-encoded using WordPress 1.5.2, running on PHP 5.1.0RC1 and Apache 2.0.54, on top of Ubuntu Linux, in case that helps. The only plugin I've currently installed is the Sw'az footnotes plugin.

  2. spinnerofcontradictions
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I've just confirmed that this must be a problem with the Sw'az footnotes plugin, NOT with WordPress, which is good news.

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