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[Resolved] cURL failed

  • Just updated to the new version of tubepress and all my pages show “cURL failed” I previously had this problem due to the “PL” that I needed to add (since a youtube change) but now with this new version I couldn’t even change the option in the advanced section “Disable cURL HTTP transport” as with previous versions.
    Either way, I will be looking for a solution myself, but if anything pops up around here, that would be a major help in my search in the source of this issue, thanks for reading!


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  • Plugin Author Eric



    I just replied over on the other thread – see my post here.

    In short, we are eager to fix this bug and desperate for access to a test environment. Do you think you could help us with that?

    To disable cURL manually, you can comment out or delete line 194 in this file. Ideally though we could fix the cURL bug and not have to bother with disabling it.


    Hi there, thanks for your reply, I have just read the other portion of your comment in the other thread and I fully understand the lower priority, if it seems to work on the majority of wordpress installations. I currently am a bit out of time, but I can provide you with some sort of test-platform in 24h. Obviously I am not too eager to give someone FTP access to my shared hosting account, but I will provide further details in private on http://community.tubepress.org/ . At the moment all is still working well in the previous version of this plugin so it is a bit of a lower priority now in comparison with two hours ago ;). So in short: more details tomorrow and I hope we can find a solution in the long run!

    Plugin Author Eric


    Sounds great. Thanks very much!

    Plugin Author Eric


    Thanks to the generosity of cinitriqs, I believe we may have found a fix for this bug.

    Please see http://community.tubepress.org/topic/1790-curl-failed/?p=6314 for the details. It’s a one-liner.

    If you would report back with your results, and assuming it seems to work for everyone, we’ll release an updated version of TubePress that includes the patch.


    As mentioned in the previous reply of Eric, this one-line change in the file solves the issues some might come across with the latest version of tubepress. Thanks for the quick fix!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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