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    Hi there!

    I’m using the latest version of TubePress on an Artisteer Template with WordPress 3.4.2 also newest version.

    Untill today everything was working fine, I didn’t have any problem. Today every shortcode results into cURL failed. Also the widget is not working also says cURL failed.

    As I didn’t change anything over night I’m kinda wondering what could have caused the problem? Perhaps Youtube made a change?

    To test the Playlist ID’s I use another Plugin called Youtube Channel. Their widget is still working normally and showing the playlist.

    Anyone got any idea what to do to get Tubepress working again?

    I already deleted the plugin, reinstalled it but the same problem remains.

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  • Me too getting cURL failed error. Everything was working fine till recently.

    Plugin Author Eric


    This error means that TubePress is unable to make network connections – some hosts add controls that prevent PHP scripts from making outbound connections. I would open a support ticket with your hosting provider explaining the situation. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Let us know what you find!

    Alright thanks I’ll send an email to my hosting to see if they have changed anything.

    Kinda makes me wonder though because this would mean, several hostings have changed the same thing around the exact same time.

    I did notice youtube made several changes again. So it would not surprise me if the error hangs together with youtube again.

    I’ll get back to ya when my hosting responds. Thnx for the suggestion!

    My provider is asking me if the plugin uses perl or cgi script. Perhaps you can help me out with that question k2eric?

    Plugin Author Eric


    No perl or cgi script. Just plain PHP making HTTP connections over port 80 to and/or

    Hope that helps…

    Unfortunately no luck 🙁 My provider says apart from adapting perl and cgi scripts they have not changed anything. And I’ve been trying practically everything I can’t seem to get my Tubepress to work again.

    I love this plugin I don’t wanna do without :'(

    Plugin Author Eric


    Do you have a link to your site that you could share? I’d be interested in taking a look at your TubePress debug output. The other thing that would be good to see is the output of phpinfo()

    Sure here’s a link to my site ‘’ I’m not sure how to do this phpinfo your mentioning. Can you explain how to do it or what information you need to look?

    I too am receiving this error message.. everything has been running fine until now.. what is going on? I have not changed anything.


    Plugin Author Eric


    @chibichiii, are you all set now? I visited your site and TubePress seems to be operating normally.. Let us kno.

    @crisium do you have a link to your gallery that you could share? Thanks

    I managed to fix it, by going under the Advanced options of Tubepress and deactivate the cURL completely. It said only to do so when you know what your doing, but I guessed I could not break it any further anyway so what the heck. And checking the deactivate cURL fixed the problem 🙂

    @chibichiii I’m afraid you solution isn’t one I can use.. it does resolve the problem but the website takes to long to load now.

    so I need a better solution… I think something has changed and tubepress needs to be updated.


    New updated version does not have the option of “deactivate cURL” no more so please, do not update to the newer version if you want your playlists to keep on working

    I have changed plugin to “Simple Youtube” which does basically same and doesn’t have the curl error.

    Good to know about “simple youtube” might decide to go with that one when I find the time to reorganize 😉 I just downgraded to an older tubepress plugin for now that I know works without the cURL error. Problem is, this is the second time I ran into trouble with this plugin, and it has impacted my visitors at both times which is not something I like to see happening. Either way, I have started a new “thread” because this issue is in no way resolved and should be looked into further by the tubepress developers. Granted, I am not a paying tubepress user so the support can be very minimal but I assume this also has an impact on those who do pay for the pro version of this plugin.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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