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  • This plugin was okay a year ago. But for the past year, it’s been trash. It slows the website down, and causes multiple errors in the site health section. A number of people have complained about the problem, but no solution was ever found.

    “The REST API request failed due to an error.
    Error: cURL error 28…”


    Loopback request failure

    The author continues to ignore these issues, that heavily impact site performance.

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  • Plugin Author Scott Paterson



    The plugin is only active on your site when a contact form is submitted – it’s not actually possible for it to slow down your site. Some other plugin or problem is causing your site to be slow.

    Yes, the way the plugin redirects to PayPal causes WordPress to think that there is a problem, however this is a false positive. Nothing at all is wrong.

    I have not ignored these at all, and they are not issues.

    Thank you for using this plugin, I hope that you can please consider changing your review so that others may enjoy using it as well.

    Scott Paterson

    You’re wrong. Disabling the plugin speeds up the site. It’s exceptionally simple to test, and the results are repeatable. The plugin is trash in its current state.

    And it’s not at all unique to me if anybody bothers to search the errors. You’ve been unwilling to fix the issue for nearly a year.

    Plugin Author Scott Paterson



    I did a test this morning – fresh latest version WordPress install, most recent plugin versions, on local WAMP server so no possibility of network issues. No caching of any kind, tested in the latest Firefox.

    WordPress with no plugins: 466ms
    WordPress with Contact Form 7: 597ms
    WordPress with Contact Form 7 & Contact Form 7 PayPal & Stripe free version – 727ms
    WordPress with Contact Form 7 & Contact Form 7 PayPal & Stripe Pro version – 689ms

    The plugin was active with PayPal & Stripe enabled both on 1 form.

    The data clearly shows that the plugin does not slow down your site. If you can prove it WITH DATA, please show me your data.

    I think you are taking your anger out from another plugin on me, and it’s completely unfounded and wrong. This plugin is 100% not the problem, and there is no issue.

    That’s cute. I tested on a Lightspeed cloud server. I disabled all plugins including WooCommerce. I enabled only Classic editor. No problem. Enabled Contact Form 7 and your plugin. Problem! Disabled your plugin, no problem. Reenabled all plugins except your plugin, still no problem, site loading faster. Your plugin is NOT working properly with all servers.

    Plugin Author Scott Paterson



    I make a living off of this plugin – if there is a problem, I would really love to fix it. But you are not giving me anything to go on. I am not having any other free or paid user tell me that this plugin is slowing down their site, so it is probably something related specifically to your server.

    What page load times are you seeing and what is your server configuration?

    If you want, you can create a ticket at and I can take a look at your site and test.

    Once again, I would really love to help get your site working, regardless if my plugin is the problem or not.


    I’d love to help you out, but I don’t make a living from your plugin. And for my client that was using the plugin, we’ve opted to remove the plugin entirely. Good luck with your fixes.

    BTW- if you search for this error with your plugin, you’ll see a number of threads with other people in the same situation. One person said it delayed his site from loading 10 seconds or more. For example:

    Plugin Author Scott Paterson


    @kungfujosh – You haven’t given me anything solid to go on, no data, no server configuration, nothing.

    On top of that, I’m offering to fix the problem for you, for free. Regardless of the cause. I don’t know what else to do.

    Look into the other thread. Fixing your product is not my problem. It’s been deleted, and I don’t care about it anymore.

    Plugin Author Scott Paterson


    @kungfujosh – I never asked you to fix any problem, that’s my job. I was simply asking for your server details to better understand the issue. Any developer would ask for this to understand what is causing the problem.

    Plugin Author Scott Paterson


    I just pushed version 1.6.5 of the plugin, which no longer causes any issue in the WordPress Site Health section.

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