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    Hey guys can someone help out with this curl error I know a lot have encountered the issue cheers,

    Mailchimp says: API Request Error - cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

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  • I’m having the same issue. Other threads mentioned to downgrade to a previous version. I did and started the sync but then I got the line 1474 issue that also has info in other threads but no promising solution so I stopped there.

    @khungate & @ryanhungate , What is the latest to fix this as of today?

    I’m currently getting the same error as the original poster with Version 2.1.15

    Here is my current setup:
    [home_url] =>
    [site_url] =>
    [version] => 3.6.2
    [wp_version] => 5.1.1
    [wp_multisite] =>
    [wp_memory_limit] => 256M
    [wp_debug_mode] =>
    [wp_cron] => 1
    [language] => en_US
    [server_info] => Apache
    [php_version] => 7.2.17
    [php_post_max_size] => 128M
    [php_max_execution_time] => 300
    [php_max_input_vars] => 1000
    [max_upload_size] => 134217728
    [default_timezone] => UTC
    [theme] => Array
    [name] => Salient Child Theme
    [version] => 0.1
    [parent_theme] => Salient

    [active_plugins] => Array
    [0] => classic-editor/classic-editor.php
    [1] => contact-form-7-image-captcha/cf7-image-captcha.php
    [2] => contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php
    [3] => duplicate-post/duplicate-post.php
    [4] => js_composer_salient/js_composer.php
    [5] => mailchimp-for-woocommerce/mailchimp-woocommerce.php
    [6] => megamenu/megamenu.php
    [7] => minimum-order-amount-for-woocommerce/dc-moafw.php
    [8] => perfect-woocommerce-brands/main.php
    [9] => red-olive-marketing-pro/red-olive-marketing-pro.php
    [10] => red-olive-marketing/red-olive-marketing.php
    [11] => red-olive-woocommerce/red-olive-woocommerce.php
    [12] => templatera/templatera.php
    [13] => woocommerce-gateway-authorize-net-aim/woocommerce-gateway-authorize-net-aim.php
    [14] => woocommerce-sequential-order-numbers/woocommerce-sequential-order-numbers.php
    [15] => woocommerce/woocommerce.php
    [16] => wordpress-seo/wp-seo.php
    [17] => wp-mail-smtp/wp_mail_smtp.php
    [18] => wpcf7-redirect/wpcf7-redirect.php

    [pwb_options] => Array
    [version] => 1.7.6
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_brand_single_position] => after_meta
    [old_wc_pwb_admin_tab_slug] => brand
    [wc_pwb_notice_plugin_review] => 0
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_slug] => brand
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_brand_desc] => yes
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_brand_single_product_tab] => yes
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_brands_in_loop] => no
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_brands_in_single] => brand_image
    [wc_pwb_admin_tab_brand_logo_size] => thumbnail


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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  freeemulator.

    @freeemulator thanks for the reply,

    something I figured out in the meantime. if you install word press locally
    and install the plugin all is working fine.
    I followed some of the things the author of the plugin mentioned that this could be due to hosting prevention of specific files. I’v contacted my hosting and they are tying to solve this. try too and when I have more answers I will update cheers ,

    @osherezra3363 thanks for the update. Let me know what you find out. I’ll have to try to same thing.

    Hey, now its working fine.
    It seems that I had a plugin that is blocking the mail chimp plugin I advice you
    first of all to create a sub domain and install only
    woo commerce and mailchimp plugin
    than try. if you see that all is working than its probably a plugin conflict.

    if not than its something to do with your hosting (my guess),
    because for me its working perfect now.

    cheers and best of luck

    Thank you. I think I also found an offending plugin.

    Plugin Support khungate


    @freeemulator @osherezra3363, while our official support area is in GitHub, we’d definitely like to learn more about the conflicting plugin you experienced. Can you share which plugin was causing the error?

    I’m still trying to confirm whether it is a single plugin or combination of plugins. I’ll check out the GitHub though, thank you!

    @khungate hey, its a premium plugin from code canyon called lumise.
    I not sure, but I think it like this for a reason because its making
    custom design products and maybe the plugin is interfering with th whole workflow of the plugin
    very disappointing. Im trying to solve this with the author of the plugin. I will update thanks a lot.

    p.s : when I disable the plugin the connection is working great

    Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @osherezra3363 @freeemulator have you upgraded to the latest 2.1.16 plugin yet, we had just released that this week.

    If upgrading to the latest plugin doesn’t work out of the gates, you may trigger the queue by visiting your site at:


    Please keep in mind this is NOT the way to do things moving forward, but sometimes it kicks things into gear that were previously stuck.

    After you’ve done that, you should check your Mailchimp log file to see if you’ve got any activity being logged. If you still don’t have any activity, you may need to try something to bypass the wp_remote_get calls by adding a constant:

    define("MAILCHIMP_USE_CURL", true);

    By using this setting, we will bypass the typical wordpress function calls for wp_remote_get and use the native server php CURL instead.

    There are also some other advanced settings that you may also use to configure the requests like:



    These settings help you configure your environment a little better to conform to your hosting needs.

    Let us know if any of these tips work for you!



    @ryanhungate Thanks A lot for your help,
    really appreciate. plugins now works fine even with the conflicting plugin.

    just one question. Do you have any idea if the order notification emails can be translated ? I can only translate part of the email but some of the content are hard coded and cant be accessed.
    Iv added my language in the settings section of the plugin, not sure if its connected to this.

    hope you can throw a tip or two cheers 🙂

    Plugin Support khungate


    Hi @osherezra3363, the question being asked about translations on order notifications is outside the functionality of the plugin, and it would be best suited for the product team at Mailchimp to review.

    Here at the Woo plugin team, we don’t have visibility into how that is facilitated but feel free to reach out to their excellent support team over at You should be able to chat with them and take things from there.

    Thanks again for reaching out, let us know if you need anything else.

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