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  • Just curious how others approached this…

    When is your site “Built enough” to go live?

    I’ve got a main web site, to which I am adding a bizness blog as a stand-alone sideline. I’ve developed my theme and pages, and started to add a few posts (writing to myself) and some minimal content before taking the site “Live” by adding links from the main site.

    Do people typically (if there is such a thing) start blogging live as soon as the basic foundation is laid, or do you try and build to a certain level of existing content before you head out the door and start promoting your (_blank) off?

    Just looking for opinions and experiences. If you care to take a look at my site and see if I’ve got enough, that’s fine too, but not required. I’d rather hear how you made the decision for yourself. If you do look at my site, do you think I have enough content to start, or would you suggest adding more first?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  • Not sure why one would feel a need to hold off going public with something (i.e. a web site) that by definition is an always evolving product. If the basics are in place, then let people know about it. Also, few new visitors come looking to dig through a pre-existing archive of content. In the blogging world, what’s new is what tends to attract readers most.

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